Hard Question - Update Database Manually

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Thread: Hard Question - Update Database Manually

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    I have a very hard question, I think so, I need help

    I have a datagrid, I Want update all dataset into DataBase but my problem is I cannot use the OleDbDataAdapter Method, for why?? I use SharpDevelop and for this is imposible use the OleDbDataAdapter Wizard, so I need write Manually the methods,

    OleDbInsertCommand, OleDbSelectCommand, OleDbUpdateCommand, OleDbDeleteCommand

    I dont know What parameters I need insert in the properties page for can update this very well, is hard use this tool so.

    I says this parameters, Name, Id, etc...

    I know I need use this method
    Me.OleDbCommand3.Parameters.Add(New System.Data.OleDb.OleDbParameter("Original_TPRO_FechaEstimadaConexion", System.Data.OleDb.OleDbType.DBDate, 0, System.Data.ParameterDirection.Input, False, CType(0, Byte), CType(0, Byte), "TPRO_FechaEstimadaConexion", System.Data.DataRowVersion.Original, Nothing))
    but I need insert ALL in all OleDbCommand┤s ???
    all need has currency Value?? or Original ??

    this is my problem...

    How Can Helpme.
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