i'm wondering whether i can stream my object from my pc in the company to my home's desktop PC or
vise a versa with socket programming? Is it possible to get over the firewall or proxy server in the company?

the company which i work for it is not mine. so any other technology like virtual networks is not in consideration of me. i'd like to reach my computer as TCP connection as Messenger,ICQ, or E-Mule can do which works fine in my computer in the company. how do they get over the firewall?

in messenger settings i saw that TCP connection is fine and the port number seems as 1080. so technically how can i connect to my pc? Can ;

externalIP= InetAddress.getByName("");
internalIP= InetAddress.getByName("10.10.*.*");
Socket deneme = new Socket(externalIP,1080,internalIP,3001);

work? or how can i create a TCP connection?
thanx for the answer but please be brief about socket programming.