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    Disconnect Wireless Networking


    This is very important that i know this...

    I have created a vbscript that detects the NIC's IP Address and if the IP address is withing the conditions - it stops the following services:

    Smart Card Service
    Wireless Zone Configuration Service

    Under the group policy set - user's cannot start services - so they cannot connect into a wireless network.

    PROBLEM: When the user logs into the network with a network cable its fine, my script works.


    If they take out the network cable, and re-insert it? what happens - it assigns a DHCP address -

    or if they log on locally - then they insert the network cable - it picks up an IP and wireless is available...

    ** I want to know either the following...

    what triggers or whats the event that occurs when a network cable is inserted? how can i stop this? how can i possible trigger a VBScript to run when a network cable is inserted? is this possible? i know that there are apps for this (i.e. IPSwicther), but i want to avoid 3rd party apps...

    I want to know whether it is possible to run my script when the network cable is inserted or removed?
    Can anyone help???

    Im very desperate!!!

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    Nov 2003
    I think it would be better to disable these services altogether, say by modifying the regsitry keys or running a script that does that. It looks like yoru script stops them, but doesn't disable them so the next time they're "needed" Windows launches them again.
    Danny Kalev

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