Dvelopment of Ringtone Site: Questions

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Thread: Dvelopment of Ringtone Site: Questions

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    Dvelopment of Ringtone Site: Questions


    I would like to develop a site that will allow users to download ringtones which are listed on the site to their mobile phones--a rather smaller version of a site such as Jamster.

    While I am able to record and digitize these ringtones, I am new to the area of web development, and am looking for information on what type of web developer or company could assist in the development of such a site--it would not seem to be a simple web design company, as they would also seem to need to have knowledge about text messaging, telecommunications in general and compatibility with cell phones.

    It seems that what is necessary is:

    Uploading to site
    Ability for users to preview
    Ability for users to download to phones via text messaging/SMS and/or some other format
    A per-download ability to charge ( I don't plan to use the rather shady monthly formats that seem to prevelant in this area)
    The usual sort of shopping cart/payment set up

    Any thoughts on a) how to set this up; b) useful people to talk to who might more knowledeg about this that me; c) sites or forums that may have information on such site development?

    Many thanks.

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    If you're new to Web development, you have a few options: either hire a professional developer who'll produce the code for you, contact an ISP on whose servers the site will be stored etc. This will cost you but I think it's the most professional and the fastest option. Alternatively, you can contact an existing site that offers ringtones. They will add yours and pay your roylaties for every download. Obviously, I can't recommend specific sites here but I'm sure you can find numerous sites of this type on Google. Also look for portals, or even cellular companies Web sites.
    The third option is applicable only if you're doing it a s a hobby: get a decent book on Web development and start programming. It will take you a few weeks or a few months, depending on how you want the site to look like and how much functionality is needed.
    Danny Kalev

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    I would definitely recommend using a professional web hosting service. You can use their designers or do it yourself( if you can find the time). And please choose some hosting site from your own country. It helps a lot when you need support.

    of course check for paypal support ( I know yahoo provides that)

    For a started project , since its commerical I would recommend a professional designer for the overall design. You can customize the look along the way...

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    Nov 2003
    One more piece of advice: if you're a beginner, stick to simplicity. Users will apreaciate a simple but intuitive and bug free site to a site replete with bells and whistles that crashes and doesn't work properly. Along the way, as Nrip says, you can improve the site, offer new functionality, link to other related sites and so on. Also, make sure that your site serves well the country your're aiming at. Making such sites unidevrsal is rather difficult: each country has different mobile companies, different access codes, currencies, and alphabet. Start with yoru own country and then decide whether you can extend it to other locales.
    Danny Kalev

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