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    Web Applications and Microsoft Application Block


    We use Microsoft Data Blocks in our web application. I use an enterprise library to configure all the app blocks. My problem is my application gets stuck frequently. Every alternate time, I have to do an IIS reset. The funny thing is that all the stored procs are executed, all the functions get executed but the page does not get displayed. And this happens every alternate time. I donno where the problem lies - with the data blocks or is there any other issue ?? I know it's very sketchy but any sort of pointers would be appreciated !!!!
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    Where does the problem occur? On a specific server? Multiple servers? The clients? It seems like a memory-related bug to me or something that has to do with the proper releasing of resources. It's a very general hint but without looking into the code, the configuartion or the programming language -- you can't expect a more pinpointed advice...
    Danny Kalev

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