Here is the problem, I do not code enough and trying to get a solution that end user points at a zip file and returns total count of all records in each file for a one number returned value. Such as [ month of MAY count = 11,501 ]

The nuances are kicking my butt, I have tried to use Excel and VB Script it to step through and I am getting stuck, I tried in ACCESS to get active connect syntax to load all raw data then return total count, and getting stuck..

There must be a simpler way, all I need is row count total.... and world peace, but I will settle for just total record count...

given the below pseudo code steps... what would be the simplest solution?

more details...

each month a ZIP is sent
each ZIP contains files (+/- 25 files) that are exe, but with no extension
each exe unpacks to active root, 12 DAT files
can only unpack one exe at a time since each 12 DAT files has same name
the DAT files are text, fixed length and length not consistent amongst the 12, but each AR.DAT from each of the exe files has field length consistent amongst the total group of like AR.DAT files)

the important goal is to get total count of all records in ZIP file.

display as one total count

1. unzip file
(20-30 files in each zip)
2. do while not EOF
change so each file name ends in .EXE

3. create a folder
4. do while not EOF
a. step through files and
a.1. copy a file into folder
a.2. run the exe file
a.3. do while not EOF
b.1. if size is 0 bytes, goto next DAT
b.2. read each of the 12 DAT files
b.3. count number of records
b.4. keep running sum of number of records
a.4. clear the 12 DAT files
5. display running sum results of total records in each dat in all files