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Thread: Future dates

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    Feb 2009

    Future dates

    Working in Excel 2003.

    Looking for code, so as to make this work please.

    Have 4 worksheets in workbook,but we`re only intrested in two.
    Named, ( letter ) & ( certificates ).
    There are only 4 columns in certificates sheet i`am intrested in,
    C,D,E,G, rows 2:1000, one column ( G ) has conditional formatting, (future dates) in it.
    Once condition is met,ie:- 30 DAYS BEFORE future date expires.cell changes colour(GREY).
    On colour change,Copy and paste the row, (cells under C,D,E,& G,) or rows,
    (there may be more than one) into letter sheet, columns B,E,H,rows 64:100.
    Then print, and clear.
    That`s it.
    Worksheet enclosed.

    Thank you for your intrest.

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    Sterling Heights, Michigan
    Quote Originally Posted by busman View Post
    Worksheet enclosed.

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