hi all,
i have a p2p simulation which basically runs thousands of java threads as peers to simulate peer interaction in a p2p network. currently, the maximum number of peers i can run is around 7000 on one machine. i tried to fiddling with the jvm parameters such as -xmx and -xms but still couldn't break the 7000 barrier. i also tried to run the program on different machines and os (i.e., xp and linux) and again without any success.

i have been looking around at distributed java implementation such as ProActive but after changing my code, it gives me hard-to-detect deadlocks due to the different implementation of threads in ProActive.

so is there any way for me to increase the number of threads for the simulation on one single machine? or if it has to be distributed, are there any packages that require minimum modifications to my code and is approved to be stable for such program?

thanks heaps,