I installed the new Beta version 2 of MS Visual Studios 2005. I then installed the runtime libraries for 2005. However, when I include "#include <iostrem.h>" it doesn't seem to compile it saying it cannot find it?

I looked at the runtime libraries and iostream.h is a file called iostream. Not iostream.h? This is funny to me, since in v6.0, it is iostream.h according to memory.

I then installed the 2003 libraries in the hope that this might resolve the problem. However it did not.

Unlike the 2003 or v6.0 environments, the I am unclear on how to set the path for librarires, include files, etc, on the beta version; and am unclear on how to install STL, runtime libraries, include fields etc. If anyone can give me some help e.g. a step by step process of how to install the runtime libraries that would be of much help.

Kind Regards,
Rahul Dixit