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    HIGH SPEED JAVA JTextPane or similar

    I have developed a JAVA tool (oppure Java Tools) to monitor data on serial line. In order to view traffic data I use a JTextPane, as I need to change the text colour. The problem is that when I receive many data at high speed the insertString method is very slow.
    I am asking therefore, if there is a simpler class with the following characteristics:
    - High performance;
    - Scroolable text area;
    - I need only one font;
    - change text colour (two colours at the same time);
    - select and copy part of text;
    - apply a KeyListener;
    - i don't need to insert the string, i only need to append the string;
    - delete part and whole text;

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    Jul 2005
    Possibly TextPane, being somewhat simpler in nature than JTextPane, might work slightly faster, but I really think that the best way to do what you are intending is to simply make your own class. I have no doubt that the creators of TextPane and JTextPane were programming more for looks than for speed, but if you made your own, you would be able to get exactly what you wanted out of it.
    Good luck on solving this problem. If you find a solution, please post as I would be intersted in reading it.

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