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Thread: Trying to import real-time content from one page onto another

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    Trying to import real-time content from one page onto another

    I am about to start running a specific company's ads on my site, Jesusfreak.com, but would also like to run ads from that same company on my blog as well, although the blog is being hosted by a different site (ChristianRock.net) than the host for my main site.

    If you go to the front page on Jesusfreak.com, you'll see two links, one for my blog and one for the main site. I had previously run ads by Google (but I was not happy with their ad content) in the cell on the far right, which is where I would like to run ads once my new advertiser gets up and running. This is not a problem with Jesusfreak.com, but since my blog is hosted elsewhere, I was wanting, if at all possible, to be able to import the real-time content from my blog into a template such as I have on Jesusfreak.com--so I'd have the blog content in the middle, but could still have ads running on the right-hand side.

    Are there any scripts that can easily do something like this without having to use frames--in other words, is it possible to have something like an include file in the cell that would pull in the content from my blog, or would this need to be an actual script to do this?

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    If you don't want to write it yourself, you can head over to hotscripts.com and just search for "Banner rotation". You can select the language that your server best supports (PHP, ASP, Python, Etc.)

    If you're into developing it yourself, you could maybe check out the CURL library in PHP.

    Or you could simply try throwing the code you're going to be using on Jesusfreak.com up on your other site w. a little modification.

    Sorry I can't be much more help.

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    Jesusfreak.com is written in ASP but the site the blog runs on is in PHP. Would I use a script then for ASP? Would that pose a problem with the blog being a different type of script?

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    Yes and no.

    I'm assuming (haven't actually seen your site) the outside of the frame or whatever is in ASP. If you want to display your stuff there, then I suggest you find a banner rotation script that is in ASP.

    It really depends on which document you want to show the Ads on. If it's both, then you'll probably have to write your own or purchase some program. I browed around a bit under Banner Exchange on in the PHP section of the URL i mentioned in my last post and I think that 'phpBannerExchange gold' looks nice.

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