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    Keyword Scanning please help !!!

    Hi all,

    I am doing my project, which is a web browser with filtering function, using Java.

    Now I am implementing the keyword scanning function, where if that are some keyword (like bad words) appear too much on a web page (let's say 5 times), then the webpage will be blocked.

    I try to use the .length method to catch the words that appear in a web page, but it seems not scan through the words which appear in a webpage.

    In my code, the class for me to implement the website recognizing and blocking function is in 'dcToolBar'.

    Ah, forgot to ask 1 thing, how come the way my browser display the webpage just like when the webpage is not loading properly, with lots of strange code on the page itself?

    Is anyone here have the idea on how to implement this such function? Please teach me if that are any, THANKS !!!
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