Set focus on a element inside a repeater control

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Thread: Set focus on a element inside a repeater control

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    Set focus on a element inside a repeater control

    Hello to all,
    maybe someone can help me.
    I use a repeater control which also contains other elements like Image Buttons. Imagine for example an article list with a button to buy. When the user clicks on it the server code does something, the information changes and the user see it on the browser. But the focus is now lost, so maybe the user have to scroll down to the article he was looking.
    I know, that I can use Javascript to set the focus, using the id of the control. But I dont know how to realize it, because ASP.NET is automatically creating the controls in the repeater.
    I tryed to set the id of the control inside the ItemDataBound - event of the Repeater. I got no error during executing, but when I looked at the source code of the Webpage I missed the given ID.

    Has anyone an idea?
    Thank you very much.
    Greetings, Wolfgang

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    Try doing it in the ItemDataBound which you said you have done..
    Try posting some code how you went about it you must be missing something..

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