Can anyone help me with this problem. It goes like this : I have a framework class which complies to my frmaework and has many methods that I will need. But it eventually extends the AbstractTableModel which has the method IsEditable returning false by default. Now the table that is created using this framework class have the cells noneditable by default.

I want to display checkBoxes in my tables. And want to make them editable so that I can take user input. But Its not editable. I even tried writing a class that extends this framework class but overrides the isCellEditable method to return true and set this new class as a model to the table. Now the label fields in the cells (Strings) can be edited but the ceckboxes are still uneditable. IS there any Editor class needed to make the checkboes editable. Or is the approach altogether wrong. Can there be some way that i can get the checkboxes editable. (Except chenging the framework classes)

Help will really be appreciated.