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    PostBack while tracking Query strings

    Hi, I have a search page that has a textbox to search the title of publication, a dropdown list to specify which table to search, and an other dropdown list which specifies the sort order.

    The constraint to my problem is that I have to pass all three form criteria in the URL. On my search result panel, I have a datagrid that displays 25 records at the time. So basically in my query string, I am passing title, table to search, sort order, and the page index of datagrid.

    I also have a "Go Back" linkbutton which goes back to the search form panel and populates the controls based on original search whether there were any results or zero results (a requirement from client).

    So the problem starts in the middle of search.
    - I type in title and do my search (whether it will return results or no)
    - I click on my "Go Back" linkbutton, page comes back with controls pre-populated with my cirteria...this is also handled by Query Strings and another var which will say "searchtype=goback" in query string

    But here is where the problem starts. When I type in my new search after coming back from the result panel and click on search, it keeps my old search and still brings back the same results.

    BTW, I am using response.redirects and passing vars over URL to handle events and then based on query strings, I call all the necessary functions.

    What I am actually looking for is if someone has had a same problem. I can post the code but it is very long and beside there is nothing wrong with it yet. I have had it checked.
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    I would recommend setting some breakpoints in your code and stepping through it in debug. This should provide you with enough information to determine how your code is executing.
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