I am wondering if anyone could give me a brief overview of how the forums work -- esp. when someone creates a new thread.

How exactly does the JSP know to link to that thread? Is it generating a unique ID from the database or using it's own custom code? How does it point to that thread? (I'm SO *FRUSTRATED*. I've tried to figure this one out for about a MONTH.)

I've started to create a help desk, where it takes form data and posts it to the database. (That issue solved.) The database assigns it a unique ID -- primary key. I'm having trouble displaying the problem record for that ticket ID. (I'm new to Java and really been pulling my hair over this one for about a month.)

Let me go into some more detail:

I have these form objects:

- Name
- Technical Summary
- Severity
- Problem

This is a standard html form page. The standard html page posts to a JSP page, where the JSP page uses a prepared statement to insert the form data into the database. The query page, (query.jsp) has a table, which only shows TicketID, Name, Technical Summary, and Severity. Obviously, the TicketID is an int and generated by the DB, as 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on...

So if someone created an issue it'd be assigned a unique ticket id. Note that from the query page, it DOES not show the problem. I WANT there to be a link to get the problem record in that row.

If anyone could help me out with this one, that would be great.