How to Resize Streaming webcam video HELP! Please!

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Thread: How to Resize Streaming webcam video HELP! Please!

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    Question How to Resize Streaming webcam video HELP! Please!

    I am trying to show a live streaming cam on my website. The video feed can be seen here:
    and is a 320x240 video feed that is controlled by a java applet. I have permission to display this video, and I need to resize it to fit my table which is ~200x147. Does anyone know how (if possible) to do this? THANKS!!!!

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    Can you post some code? I've been interested in video in java for a while, but I haven't found much as far as code.

    Thanks a lot.

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    I have the same problem (lack of java video knowledge), but I do know that if you are updating via Graphics2D, you can resize it at the same time using Graphics2D.scale(double sx, double sy).

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