GUI problem with bold and unbold text

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Thread: GUI problem with bold and unbold text

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    GUI problem with bold and unbold text


    I have a really strange problem and I don't know where to look in my code for it so hopefully someone out there can help me

    I have a GUI with some buttons on it - all of which have the text as bold.

    Its an odd problem which I haven't quite managed to track down to a certain action as yet but here goes:

    The buttons all appear bold when the applet is first run up. however, sometimes if you hover the mouse over a button they start unbolding themselves. To get them to go bold again I click on one button and once it has actioned something the buttons start to bold again...?

    I am completely lost as to go about sorting this problem. Does anyone have any ideas what I have or haven't set to make this happen?

    I initially created this GUI in netbeans and then moved it into Eclipse to change it to an applet(as netbeans only created a frame).

    Hope someone can help.

    I have attached my code zipped up - so you can run the applet and see what I mean, although some times its OK and sometimes its not

    Thanks in advance
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    Jul 2005

    Have now fixed this - embarrassingly I thought all my fonts were set to bold - but as I have used a GUI builder to do this I hadn't realIsed that the 0 in new font line meant it wasn't bold and some were set to 1 and were bold. I had been looking for the word 'bold'.

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