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    Apr 2004

    Editing a word template form from VB6

    I need to know how to open a word templete that is a form and fill in certain fields, check a few check boxs and then print the form out filled out

    I got something to work, but it just isn't as clean as I'd like

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    Apr 2004
    No one knows the how to edit the form fields in a word doc from VB.

    I just need to know how to refernce and edit them from there bookmark

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    Apr 2004
    Ok an update - I cleaned it up a little by removing the text boxes and putting in book marks. I also andded code to check the check boxes...It looks like this: (Note it's all dynamic from a database)

    Doc.Bookmarks(rField!strformfield).Range.Text = rst!strField

    Doc.FormFields(rField!strFormField).checkbox.value = true

    I would love though to know how to get the formfields to edit the textbox

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