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Thread: Firewalls

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    Oct 2004

    Question Firewalls

    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to set the properties so that i can reach
    URL's using the Java URL class but usually i use this if there is a proxy

    but after visiting some sites they said that if i want to connect to a URL
    outside a firewall(not sure if proxy and firewall are the same thing) i
    must do this and not the above code i listed
    but the one below

    System.setProperty("firewallHost", "proxy");
    System.setProperty("firewallPort", "80");
    The thing is i can't seem to find any information on
    Sun's site or on google using the firewallHost property. Currently i don't
    use a firewall so i can't really test this code out and would really
    appreciate any insight from anyone about this.

    I also have a feeling that the firewallHost property is
    an old property that isn't used anymore but the thing is i can't confirm

    From what i know is that if i have to reach a url via a
    proxy i would usually use the first code i listed above but what about
    reaching a url via a firewall. Aren't the codes the same as the first code
    i listed above?? Someone correct me if i am wrong

    If they are not what is the correct way to do it?
    Links to sites or sample codes would be helpful

    Any help is greatly appreciated

    Thank You

    Your Sincerely

    Richard West

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    Jul 2005
    I have done a few netwok related programs and now have a simple test chat that works on the internet, and what I've learned from this (though it is not URL based) is that as long as the computer that you are connecting TO is not behind a router or firewall, there is no problem. It does not seem to matter wether or not the user's computer is behind a filewall, proxy, or router... only the server computer. I will however examine the JavaDocs more closely and post a little later on with a more URL related answer. But for the time being, I hope this might help.

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