How to create a Gantt Chart in Java?

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Thread: How to create a Gantt Chart in Java?

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    Aug 2005

    Smile How to create a Gantt Chart in Java?

    Good Day to everyone. Can anyone be kind enough to give me an idea on how to create a Gantt chart using Java.
    Your help will be deeply appreciated.
    Thanks everyone!!!

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    Nov 2004
    If you were to code this from scratch you would probably need to create at least
    30-40 classes (to keep it structured) and do a truckload of graphics and timelogics
    coding. These guys want 400 dollars + to hand it to you, but if this is for professional
    development I would advise you to go for the ready made solution.
    eschew obfuscation

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    Aug 2005
    Good Day. I appreciate a lot for your fast reply. Actually, i'm just a newbie in Java. I had been assigned to developed a customized scheduling system that utilizes a Gantt chart for a certain company. I had made a preliminary research about it, i come up with an idea of using a JTreeTables in swing and deploying it on the web with JSP.
    It has the functionality of inserting,deleting,adding of rows and also drag & drop features.
    Am i on the right track?
    Thank you...

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    I'm really not sure...

    Your strategy sounds ok....
    But, if this is work for a company then I assume that they pay you for this. No matter if
    you have set a fixed price or not, you shoud try and estimate the time it will take
    for you to come up with anything close to a third party (non-newbie) runtime version
    of a gannt charting utility, and compare the cost and "elegance".

    No disrespect, but If I was that company I know what I would have chosen.
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    eschew obfuscation

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