Jaccal was developed to allow easy acccess to smart cards to more developers. Traditionally smart card access is through bits and bytes and through sending byte arrays to the smart card, and programming access to the smart card is tedious and requires a great deal of understanding of the card specifications.

Jaccal aims to simplify this arcane process by adding a layer that is easy to understand for developers.

At the same time Jaccal provides a simple scripting interface (with a Swing-based script editor called Anubis) for casual users who would like to easily extract information from the smart card.

Jaccal is meant for 2 levels of users:

1. Developers not familiar with smart cards

* Write scripts for reading and validating card information
* Integrate Jaccal within your code to read/write information from/to the card
* Write code that uses smart card information available through second-tier packages such as jaccal-gsm

2. Developers familiar with smart cards

* Create optional packages to access your specific card (EMV card, identity card, health card etc)
* Integrate your specific card with the Anubis smart card script editor; Anubis will be your platform to read and display your specific card information
* Anything you want to do with a smart card!