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    Aug 2005

    Navigation Menu not loading

    I'm attempting to use the Icon Tree navigation menu from the free Java Applets available here at JavaBoutique.com, and I followed the instructions to a T but in the frame where the menu is supposed to appear I only get a blank area with a red x in the corner:


    After consulting with a friend I changed the name of the parameter file from "example.menu" to "menu.xml" and adjusted the HTML coding accordingly. I was going to attach the file but its extension isn't valid, so if you need to see it you should be able to access it from my website:


    Please help! Thanks a lot.

    -The Shark

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    Aug 2005


    I found another applet to use, though it looks like that Icon Tree one is faulty.

    Does anyone respond on these boards???

    -The Shark

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