I got so far as to take a file from my local machine to another directory on my C: drive:

Dim getmyFile As HttpPostedFile = myfile.PostedFile
If IsNothing(getmyFile) Then
Label2.Text = "Please select a file to upload"
Label2.Text = "Line 78"
If getmyFile.ContentLength = 0 Then
Label2.Text = "Cannot upload zero length file"
Dim ServerFileName As String = Path.GetFileName(myfile.PostedFile.FileName)
getmyFile.SaveAs("C:\TestSaving\" & ServerFileName)
Label2.Text = "Successful upload to C:\TestSaving\" & ServerFileName
End If
End If

...............now, what I need to do is take an .xls file and allow users to upload that into a specific table.
Any suggestions or samples/articles are more than welcome!