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    java classes in windows and linux

    Hi there,

    We've recently completed coding a series of java classes designed to download information from a datalogger. These classes connect to the datalogger using sockets, to an IP address on our network. This system was developed on a local machine running a Windows OS. Since transferring it to our linux-based server the classes seem unable to process the output of the datalogger. The systen can still connect to the same IP address but seems to be interpreting the output differently. I have run the classes on a linux-based PC and this produces the same dodgy results.

    Has anyone experienced problems in moving java classes between operating systems? Can anyone suggest what might be going wrong?


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    Do the classes use any windows specific code?

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    That would be my suspicion - though I don't know which aspects of the code are Windows specific. The classes send command line-type instructions; rather than defining a recordset set like in SQL, it's more like vi editor for unix "go to record 24", "output 10 records" etc. These commands generally correspond to single ASCII characters

    One area may be that we are hard-coding End Of Line markers and these may differ between different OS's?

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