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    Aug 2005

    Question Permutating integer vectors

    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to construct certain sets of vectors using C++, but I'm a very beginner.. Major problem at the moment is that how can I permutate vectors? If I have for example vector (consisting of integers)


    of certain length, how can I obtain the set of vectors where's two 1's, one 2 in any position and other components are 0's?

    So the eventual set would look something like

    {(1,1,2,0,...,0), (1,2,1,0,...,0), (2,1,1,0,...,0), (0,1,0,1,2,0,...,0) + all other combination with 1,1,2, and lenght-3 zeros}.

    Actually what I really need (the above would help me a lot already) is that I'm constructing sets of integer vectors, for which the sum of the squares of the components doesn't exceed some given maximal value. so if the maximal value would for ex. be 6 and the length of the vectors 8, then the vector

    (1,1,2,0,0,0,0,0) would belong to the set, as 1^2+1^2+2^2 = 6 but

    the vector

    (2,2,0,...,0) would not, as 2^2+2^2 = 8.

    I hope someone more skilled than me can help me! Thanks in advance,


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    Nov 2003
    We had a related thread a few weeks ago:
    The bottom line: use std::next_permutation() to obtain the vector's permutations.
    Danny Kalev

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    Aug 2005
    thanks, danny! but... still didn't quite get it. got you offer me something more specific? because in my vectors the components may be equal so i don't quite see how this fits to my case? or is there some way to permutate the indices somehow and in that way get the components permutated? any help is more than welcome, i'm getting desperate!! thanks again in advance,


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