Tab Delimited text file problem

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Thread: Tab Delimited text file problem

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    Tab Delimited text file problem

    I am downloading a tab delimited txt file when i am trying to parse the file using open function
    Open Destination & "csn.txt" For Input As #1
    Do While Not EOF(1)
        Line Input #1, NextLine              
        If NextLine <> "" Then
            arraydata =  split(NextLine)
            sSql = "insert into table"
            RunExecSQL sSql
        End If
    it takes entire file as a single line I have attached the sample file with this and also when i use recordset its working file but for large number of data it says script out of range please help me
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    Line Input looks for a carriage return/line feed pair to indicate the end of each line; your file has only line feeds (Chr(10)), so you won't be able to use Line Input.

    If the file is small enough to read entirely into memory, you can do this:
    Dim Lines() As String
    Dim vLine As Variant
    Open Destination & "csn.txt" For Input As #1
    Do While Not EOF(1)
        Line Input #1, NextLine    
        If NextLine <> "" Then
            Lines = Split(NextLine, Chr(10))
            For Each vLine In Lines
                ArrayData =  Split(vLine)
                sSql = "insert into table"
                RunExecSQL sSql
        End If
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    If the file is relatively small you can also try this code

    Dim strDataBuffer As String, strDataArray() As String
    Dim lngRow As Long
    ' Create buffer large enough to hold entire contents of file
    strDataBuffer = Space(FileLen(Destination & "csn.txt"))
    Open Destination & "csn.txt" For Binary As #1
    ' Load complete file into buffer
    Get #1, , strDataBuffer
    Close 1
    ' Remove any carriage return characters (if they exist)
    strDataBuffer = Replace(strDataBuffer, vbCr, "")
    ' Convert buffer contents into array
    strDataArray = Split(strDataBuffer, vbLf)
    ' Process array
    For lngRow = 0 To UBound(strDataArray)
       ' Process individual array items
    It will allow you to read in carriage return + linefeed formatted files (DOS/Windows) as well as linefeed only (UNIX) without needing to check beforehand.

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