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    problem regarding editing already saved data in a webform


    I am facing a problem in editing a form which displays data that was submitted earlier.

    For e.g
    Suppose there is a dropdown list(web form control) and user selects an input and submits the form.
    Now when the user wants to change this input he goes back to form.

    What i m doing is i m retrieving the input he submitted last time and displaying the dropdown list with that input selected using following code -

    ddlInput.selectedindex = input;

    Now the problem is when the user selects diferent input i am not able to get that new value.

    Can anyone please solve my problem.

    Same is true for other web controls.


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    Can't you pass the data in a QueryString or hidden form field, or using the HTTP POST method in a form?

    Or you could look up "Passing Server Control Values Between Pages" in the Visual Studio help.


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    Feb 2004
    manish237, Why can't you get the selectedItem.Value which will always give your the current item selected and pass it to your querystring.
    Hope that helps

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