can you help to create a java ticker for me?

The closest thing I have found so far is at:

I need the ticker to read lines in a text file as different messages. - which the attached link does (java example 2, after you download the file from the website)

I need it to have configurable fades, slides, etc for both message entry and exit - which that file does

configurable backgrounds, size of scroller and borders. - which that file does

The differences I need are:

1/ for the applet to read the text file entries in the following ways: top to bottom, bottom to top, random (the attached link to the file doesnt do that, it only reads from top to bottom)

2/ at the moment the applet works fine in IE and Safari, but on Firefox and Netscape, when you slide the scrollbar down the web page, the applet stutters and can multiply so that 10 replica applets appear and cover up the other page content which as you can imagine is very very bad.

If you can help I am willing to pay, please let me know if you are interested in this project.

You can email me at -thanks