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Thread: about array

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    Aug 2005

    about array

    ok i have created a Customer class with get and set methods... (compiled ok)
    i have also created another file which main is invoked...
    in main i invoke a static method which i defined below the main method...
    in this static method... i want to create an array of Customer...
    so i did this...

    Customer[] cusArr = new Customer[100];

    but when i set it using

    cusArr[0].setName("customer name");

    it gave me a runtime error of nullpointerException at the above line...
    what is wrong...? it compiled ok....

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    Oct 2004
    with the statement Customer[] cusArr = new Customer[100]; you declared an array of Customer object. However, you still need to declare each object in the array seperately.
    cusArr[0] = new Customer();
    cusArr[0].setName("customer name");

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    Aug 2005
    ok thks... figured that out... so the "new Customer[100]" line doesn't instantiate a instance of 100 Customer class... it just merely declaration eh..?

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    Oct 2004
    Yeah, it instantiates the Array
    But an Array is nothing more then a list of pointers. You will next have to tell the JVM where the pointers are pointing to. This is done with the actual instantiation of the new Customer();

    Keeping this in mind, it might be a good idea to overload the constructor of the Customer class and create on e containing all the variables you wish to put in there.
    Continuing your example, this would mean setting up the following constructor:

    public Customer(String name)

    This would enable you to instantiate and set the customer name in one method call:

    casArr[0]=new Customer("customer name");

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