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    Aug 2005

    Post i have a porbrelm with one of my java applications

    i have been trying to make a program wich caculates your avarage age,the code i used is:
    class Age
    public static void main(String[] args)
    char n;
    system.out.printIn("Type in the year of your birth and press [ENTER] to find out your avarge age.");
    n =(char)System.in.read();
    system.out.printIn("The system has detected you where born in " + n);
    system.out.printIn("The system has detected your avarge age");
    system.out.print("2005 - n = " + (2005 - n));}

    i saved it as Age.java.

    then i compiled it in command pormt but to my confusion there was a eroer,it said:
    Age.java:12:'class' or 'interface' expected

    Age.java:13:'class' or 'interface' expected

    2 erors

    when i typed > i mean it so its pointing upwards if you could tell me what i have done wrong i would be greatfull.
    Last edited by Goku; 08-12-2005 at 04:56 PM.

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