I don't really know html but just need to use it in my java so I can control the font when my program is run in a browser.

So far I have only managed to change the font colour
I would also like to be able to change the font style to bold and also change the size, so that whoever runs my program sees the same font.

I have the code as:

questionLabel.setText("<html><FONT COLOR=BLACK>Is node " + btd.question + " in the tree?</FONT><html>");
but I just don't get whereabouts and 'how' I add the other two settings to the font. I have an old html books but its not helping, as it ignores when I add font-style:bold

can anyone help me with this please???

hope so as I want to control the colour and style so that my program is accessible to the visually impaired as well, however their browser is setup.

Thanks very much for your time