I have a problem with a crystal report. I hope you can help me out.
I have a windows forms application that is running on a server and is
invoked from client computers by using url remoting (the application assembly
has been given execution permissions by using the Microsoft .NET Framework
1.1 Configuration tool).
The application gets data from a database by mids of a web service.
When it comes to generate a crystal report, if the application is launched
locally (on the server machine) the crystal reports are loaded correctly, but
if the application is launched from a client computer by the url (e.g.
""), then one of the crystal reports(not all of
them) shows a pop up dialog box to enter database login information such as
"user name", "password", "server name" and "database name".
I was debugging it, and it comes out that there is no connectivity with the
crystal report object that feeds the crystal report viewer. This problem ONLY
comes out when the application is launched remotely.
I hope you can help me out pals.
I think the problem is due to the report viewer..this object seems to love
working locally...
Any suggestions?