hi please help me....

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Thread: hi please help me....

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    hi please help me....


    im new to MS Access database, visual studio .net 2003 and c#.. im using the above to do my app..

    right now i want to import string data from another computer into my database.. next i want to retrieve the data when user keys in user name in a text box and the data belonging to that user will be retrieved from database and displayed in another form with labels and textboxes...
    i want to do something like this> get data1 from database to show in textbox1, get data2 from database to show in textbox2, get data3 from database to show in textbox3...

    how do i do all this?

    thanks and i appreciate your help! =)

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    I recommend that you work your way through an ADO.NET tutorial, such as this one: http://www.thecodeproject.com/cs/dat...ithAdoNet1.asp. Then try to write your application yourself, and post a followup message if you get stuck. We're happy to help with specific questions. Good luck!
    Phil Weber

    Please post questions to the forums, where others may benefit.
    I do not offer free assistance by e-mail. Thank you!

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