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    RichTextBox control vs Spell check

    How can I spell check the a RichTextBox control in vb 6.0 as the user keys in the text. i.e. as soon as the user enters the letters the system should check the spelling and underline red if the word is not in the Microsoft dictionary.

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    I recommend that you use a third-party component, such as this one: http://www.wintertree-software.com/dev/wspell/info.html. If it's even possible to do what you want, it will require many hours of coding, testing and debugging.

    Update: I searched Google for "richtextbox squiggly underline" and found this page: http://geekswithblogs.net/pvidler/ar...10/15/188.aspx. You may be able to adapt the code to work with VB6's RichTextBox control, but you'll have to use a dictionary to check the spelling. I still believe a third-party component is the best solution.
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