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    Question JBuilderX config-on with Oracle9iAS OC4J help needed!

    Hi, guys! After installation of Oracle9i Application Server, the new OC4J instance have been created an given name OC4JR.(EM login: ias_admin pwd: qwe123). In tha area of OC4JR/Administration/Security admins password have been set to '123456789'. OC4JR instance started. When plugin to JBuilder for OracleAs have been installed and configured. In Tools/Configure Servers the configuration is the following:

    Container name: OC4JR
    Sever version: 904
    Server host name: localhost
    Server RMI port: 3202
    User name: admin
    Password: 123456789 (*********)
    Target path (opt) : empty

    Then after creation of the simple jsp project, web module(war) and ear, I cant deploy this simple jsp project to the server. During my attempts to deploy the project JBuilder gives me th error, which sounds like that:

    Error: Unable to find java:comp/ServerAdministrator: Lookup error: javax.naming.AuthenticationException: Invalid username/password for default (admin); nested exception is:
    javax.naming.AuthenticationException: Invalid username/password for default (admin)

    Is there any person eligible to help me to cope with that problem? Thanks in advance.

    p.s. If I provide uncomplete info about the problem, don't hesitate to ask me..

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    Aug 2005
    The password was 'welcome', I dont know why?

    And then another exception arises:

    Error: Unable to find java:comp/ServerAdministrator: Lookup error: javax.naming.NoPermissionException: This operation was denied. The admin.jar utility can not be used to perform operations against OPMN managed OC4J instnaces. Please use Enterprise Manager or dcmctl instead. Refer to the Oracle9iAS Admin Guide or the OC4J User's Guide for more details.;

    What should I do to overwhelm that exception? Is there any professional programmers on this forum(who can answer or debate my questions), or it just looks like..?

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