Question about Java RMI and Eclipse

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Thread: Question about Java RMI and Eclipse

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    Question about Java RMI and Eclipse

    I would like to create an application with which I can easily connect to a JAVA program, installed on a web server, through JAVA RMI. I have already created a and a and compiled them. The stubs also have been created properly.

    When I run the application outside the Eclipse editor, everything works just fine! However, when I want to integrate the files into a bigger project in Eclipse... and starts running it, he tells me he can't find the stub class or something like that. I need to place this one in the classpath but I don't know how to do that in Eclipse? Could anyone help me with this problem?


    This is the fault message I get:

    no security manager: RMI class loader disabled)


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    Arrow RMI Plug-in for Eclipse

    Just for completeness (I see this is quite an old question)
    the RMI Plug-in for Eclipse could've helped you.
    It can automatically generate the stubs and compute
    the application's codebase, based on your Java projects.

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