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    Aug 2005

    deploy jar file + mail api

    I've searched everywhere (sun forums etc etc etc), but nothing seems to work for me:
    I'm using netbeans 4.0, wrote a java program which requires other jar files (eg mail.jar etc). Now I create the executable jar file. Of course it doesn't work since I need to include the Class-path for the jar files (using Windows btw) in the Manifest file. So I open it with WinRar, open the manifest file, make the changes, and now it looks like this:
    Manifest-Version: 1.0
    Ant-Version: Apache Ant 1.6.2
    Created-By: 1.4.2_08-b03 (Sun Microsystems Inc.)
    Main-Class: alfio.Main
    Class-Path: ./javamail/mail.jar
    Class-Path: ./javamail/mailapi.jar
    Class-Path: ./javamail/imap.jar
    Class-Path: ./javamail/pop3.jar
    Class-Path: ./javamail/smtp.jar
    Class-Path: ./javamail/activation.jar
    X-COMMENT: Main-Class will be added automatically by build

    since the jar files are in the same directory than alfio.jar (the executable jar file) in a folder called javamail. However things still don't work
    Urgent help needed, have to hand up this project in two days, and nobody seems to be able to help me.

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    Jul 2005
    SW MO, USA
    Have you looked at the doc re how to code the Class-Path atribute in the manifest?
    I see:
    Class-Path: buy.jar sell.jar

    ie there is only one Class-Path line with all the jars on it.

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    Aug 2005
    thanks a lot, you saved my day/night

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