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    Apr 2005

    How Write a Visual Designer. Hope can help me


    I ask this in others board this question, I think this is hard.

    I'm developing a program same as microsoft Visio, paste the object and move this into the panel and later get the preview. The program is free of course.
    May one of you give me some explanation or suggestion about this matter?

    I found it in http://www.divil.co.uk/net/articles/...rs/hosting.asp , is about how I can write my own designer.

    I want write a DFD diagram same as a Visio but is hard found more information.

    Can give me information in how I can write a designer and how I can write the "effect" drag drop.??

    Hope can understand my grammar.



    PD: and this too -> http://www.divil.co.uk/net/articles/...troduction.asp
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    Dec 2004
    How about SharpDevelop Open Source IDE for .NET ?...
    I think you might get some idea(s) if you read through this code .....
    Best Regards,
    Michael Sync

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