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    Aug 2005

    word macro problem : No reply

    Hi all,
    I am sure that this is the only excellent forum for getting answers to any technical problem. Because I have experienced a lot and it was very helpful.....

    But i dont know why i dont get any reply for my word macro problem.

    I wil really appreciate if anyone could help me with this regard......

    Namella Christi.

    My Last post :
    Word Macro Problem

    HI, I really appreciate all the coding presented by you. Thank u so much.

    I am a new member to this group and i have a problem with the word document that executes a macro for spell check. U check it out if u have ur own spell check coding. this will be a real challenge.

    If the words with errors are Ended With Two Continuos Special Characters then it is not working fine. For Example :

    Assign the code with the following.

    I need the above statement to be assigned because I have to work on two different Languages under different conditions.

    Please type these words and check.

    (Test Acknoledmen., bain plase#, hlp me wih ths.,)

    I am receiving only the first word with error. To make this work I should give blank space before special characters. Is there anyother efficient way without giving a blank space. Because it looks Odd with too many spaces before special characters in a large sized document.

    I am using Windows XP OS and Office XP.
    Please Kindly Help Me With This.

    Thanking You In Advance,
    Last edited by namella; 08-25-2005 at 07:29 AM.

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