need help about binaryReader/writer or random acce

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Thread: need help about binaryReader/writer or random acce

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    Question need help about binaryReader/writer or random acce

    hi everyone...
    i'm a newly member here.
    i got some questions about using binaryWriter and Reader with Array.

    my new project requires a user access (register & login) application. all the user data (username & password) have to be stored in a DAT file.
    i usually use strem reader/writer. i don't know about binary or random access (for binary).

    I really need helps from all u guys.


    if u can provide examples code, it would be awesome
    full code, that's gonna be better :P

    thx in advanced... (24 hours reply required... please...)

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    Alameda, CA
    username and password in a data file??? which kind of security is that?

    To write two strings in a binary file:

        Dim f As Integer
        f = FreeFile
        Open "c:\s.dat" For Binary Access Write As f
        Dim u As Variant
        Dim p As Variant
        u = "My user account"
        p = "My password"
        Put f, , u
        Put f, , p
        Close f
    and to read them:

        Open "c:\s.dat" For Binary Access Read As f
        Get f, , u
        Get f, , p
        Close f
    The strings must be in a Variant so VB knows how to convert them from the file.
    But careful: anyone can open the file in notepad and read them!

    "There are two ways to write error-free programs. Only the third one works."

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