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    Aug 2005

    how come 0 wont appear at end of decimal place

    Can someone please help me why JAVA wont display the zero at the end of the decimal place. for instance,

    double A = 6.000

    by right A = 6.000

    However, when i execute this System.out.println(A);

    output of A = 6.0

    Can someone tell me how do i keep the the value to 6.000. Not possible for me to use decimalformat class because I need variable A to be a double.

    I write a program that round off value to 2 decimal places, However, it will only appear as 20.0 when the value is suppose to be 20.00, or show only 5.6 when it suppose to be 5.60. can someone please tell me how to solve this problem. thank in advance!

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    Mar 2004
    numerical primitives remove trailing zeros.


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    Aug 2005
    To format to two decimal places:

    int number = 2.55510;
    NumberFormat nf = new DecimalFormat();
    nf.setMaximumFractionDigits(2) ;
    String numberFormatted = nf.format(number);
    System.out.println( numberFormatted );
    Remember to import java.text.*

    For more help, www.NeedProgrammingHelp.com

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