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Thread: Development questions

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    Development questions

    I'm currently writing a paper for school on the future development of java. It's about the strength of various languages in the market and which knowledge is sought after, but the main focus is on Java. I was hoping to get some opinions from professional java developers on this forum. This is for my english class, and every student has a different topic related to their major.

    1. How do you think the development of Java has progressed in its past 10 years?

    2. Where do you think Java programmers will be in 10 years?

    3. There has been much talk in the past year over Java going open source, what is your opinion on the situation?

    4. What do you feel is the importance of Java on the internet/networks?

    5. Strengths and weaknesses of Java?

    6. What should programmers know when seeking jobs in the market that might differ from programmers using other languages?

    I think that's about it. If you have any other comments to include, please do. To put it simply, this research is to help determine if Java is worth learning for a career or if another language should be considered.

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    I just have a few comments.
    For a person who wants to have a career in programming and systems
    development one language is not enough. I would recommend learning plain
    old C (not C++) programming first, to get a "feel" of what is actually
    happening when a program runs, and then move from the sequential C
    progamming to oop. Since C++ is a hybrid (mix of sequential and
    oo concepts) I would recommend Java.

    Java has had a tremendous development since I started using it in the early
    90's, and when I say that I'm thinking of the growth of the class libraries
    and the free SDKs from Sun.
    The language itself has been the same all this time until the latest
    additions came with 1.5 although I still miss the concept of operator
    overloading, - maybe its not considered kosher oop...?

    The only weakness I can think of...., well, I would really like to see two
    additions; a destructor concept and a delete operator for
    freeing allocated memory. As it is now the java vm rules supreme and
    garbage collection is not instantaneous, the programmer can only "suggest"
    a freeing of memory. Lately I have been working with an image processing
    application (processing of movie frames) and the biggest problem is not the
    grahics logic, its the OutOfMemoryException...
    eschew obfuscation

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