can any one help in URL......

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Thread: can any one help in URL......

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    can any one help in URL......

    Hi Guys,
    I need help in solving a problem.I need java program for Authenticated or passowrd protected URL execution. I ma using URL and URLConnection class but they are not at all helping to slove it. here the example:
    the link or host name is: http://test2/dcs( when u type this in browser it will prompt a windows for username and password after giving username and password it will give some console there u can create or add user details and submit to the server but all this happen using browser BUT I need a java progrmme where it reads user details from a text file and it need to send it to server)
    i made connection by URL urlobj=new URL("http://usernameassword@test2/dcs") here I am sending my username and password but it sis giving I/O exception 401 authentication error. even if it is success I mean after getting connection i need to send send data like this.
    http://test2/dcs?username=abc&usertype=emp&emailid=......... like which is send it through web browser. So can any one help me in this one?
    Thanks alot guys

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    I'm a little confused about your application.
    Could you explain it a little more?
    What kind of server is it? What is the protocol used for passing a userid and password?
    Are you using a java applet or Javascript in the HTML?
    Where is the text file that is being read and sent to the server? For an applet to read files from a client, it needs Permission either by being signed or by the policy file.

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