I have ASP.Net webform that has a datagrid that has column with a textbox that is used to enter a product description. There is a Hyperlink in the same column when clicked opens a pop-up window , that contains a datagrid with a list of available product descriptions. When the user selects a product description it is supposed to be returned to the textbox in the datagrid of the calling window.

I have the following code in the Datagrid_SelectedIndexChanged of the pop-up window
SelectedProd = dgSuppliers.SelectedItem.Cells(1).Text
SelectedCost = dgSuppliers.SelectedItem.Cells(3).Text

I have a HTML button in the pop_window that calls the following Javascript function
function SetProd()

window.opener.document.forms["<%= FormName %>"].elements["<%= ControlName %>"].value = "<%= SelectedProd %>";
window.opener.document.forms["<%= FormName %>"].elements["<%= ControlName2 %>"].value = "<%= SelectedCost %>";


Where FormName and ControlName are predefined.

This works fine when I select single line product descriptions from the datagrid.
It gives me a javascript error when a multiline prod. description is selected.(unterminated string error)

How can I return the multiline prod description to the calling form.