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Thread: displaying result in text field

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    Unhappy displaying result in text field

    hi, i hava a text box and a button in 1 page. for example let us say that i enter a employee number in that textfield(which is already there in the database). And when i press the ok button other deatils like employee salary, employee address must be fetched from the database and should be displayed in the next page in a textfield. Is there any predefined methods like setText or setString. please help if coding is there it will be very helpful for me. byeeeee
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    Are you talking about HTML forms or Java swing widgets? For JTextbox widgets, there is a method setText(). For example:
    JTextbox txt = new JTextbox();
    txt.setText("this is the text to display");
    Hope this helps.

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    yes iam talking about HTML forms only. iam using jsp also to connect it with the database. in that i have used both setText and setString methods but that doesn't work.

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