I have already created an MS Access database to store a list of users with the following details:- First Name, Last Name, Address, Home Tel No, Mobile No and E-mail Add.

Now i need all the names to be read into an array of structures and the names should be displayed when the form is loaded. When the name is highlighted, all the details of that user should apprear at the bottom of the screen.

There are also 4 other options needed;

Add new user - update the Access database with the relevant details and display a welcome message.

Delete user - delete the user from the database after displaying a delete confirmation message.

Update user - select the user name and click update button to amend the details.

Total users - calculate the total number of users in the database and display the top 10 users according to last names in alphabetical order.

Anyone kind enough to provide a source code for the following or have a similar program's source code?? I need some help badly...