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    Unhappy how to protect database

    hi all,

    my company developing a dictionary on CD. Dictionary contains - Words, Images, Voice,

    Animations and Examples.

    Company spends more money to develop the dictinary material.

    Company wanted to protect the database from user and technical persons.

    They decided to develop in VB. but i conviced them to JAVA. they accepted and that project

    given to me.

    i am just 1 year exp. in java. company don't like to have database like access and etc.

    My boss asked me to create a own database. i don't know how to create.

    I am going to develop this project in Core JAVA and Swing. This is desktop application

    (Single user).

    Please give some ideas and Samples (If u have) and guide me.

    Java Swimmer

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    Mar 2004
    what do you mean by "protect from user and technical persons"?

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