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    Sep 2005

    Error : Microsoft VBScript comp Expected 'Case'

    Me again....sorry

    really would appreciate help here. Trying to insert a record and then display that record in a page called custdetails.asp after, including the auto generated cust id. This is the code I used and I'm getting the below error (in blue) and its referring to the blue line in the code, previously i had Set instead of Select and I received the error

    Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80040E14)
    [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Invalid SQL statement; expected 'DELETE', 'INSERT', 'PROCEDURE', 'SELECT', or 'UPDATE'.

    so i thought I would try Select instead and i got the error below (in blue)

    Error : Microsoft VBScript comp Expected 'Case'

    This is the code i used:

    ' execute the insert
    Set MM_editCmd = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")
    MM_editCmd.ActiveConnection = MM_editConnection
    MM_editCmd.CommandText = "SET NOCOUNT ON;" & MM_editQuery & ";SELECT @" & "@IDENTITY AS Ident"
    Select rsLastIdent = MM_editCmd.Execute
    if NOT rsLastIdent.EOF then
    LastIdent = rsLastIdent.Fields.Item("Ident").Value
    end if

    If (MM_editRedirectUrl <> "") Then
    End If
    End If

    End If
    If(CStr(Request("MM_insert"))<>"") Then
    Response.Redirect "custdetail.asp"
    End if

    any help will be greatly appreciated!!

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    You are not in the context of SQL at that point. VBScript is still processing the code at that point. So it's looking for the rest of a SELECT CASE statement.

    It does not get passed to SQL until the execute command fires, and even then, you can't use SELECT to set a SQL variable because it outside the EXECUTE command.

    One thing you can do is instantiate a recordset object and execute your SQL from there. Then you can set your VBScript variable to the value of your recordset object.

    Good luck,
    Michael Sanchez
    Managing Technical Editor
    Forum Moderator

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