replace text in a string

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Thread: replace text in a string

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    replace text in a string

    All I want to do is search for "\\n" and replace it with "\n". However there appears to be no simple way to do this - am I missing something or am I going to have to write some kind of complex if then statement etc. to do this.

    Currently I was trying to use the java.lang.replace method, but it appears you can only search/change one character at a time w/ this, as I'm getting an error when I run:

    String Ntext = "Here is a newline \\n newline";
    String Rtext = Ntext.replace('\\n','\n');

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    The following code shows how to replace \\n with \n.

    String text = "Hello,\\nHow are you today?";
    String newText = text.replaceAll("\\\\n","\n");
    System.out.println (newText);
    The reason for the \\\\n is because the String.replaceAll method creates a regular expression and the \ has special meaning there. So you have to escape once for the regular expressions and once again for Java. So instead of writing \\n you must write \\\\n. Enjoy!

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